The Book of activities

SEGULA Technologies is an engineering group with a worldwide presence, helping to boost competitiveness within all the major industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and oil & gas. Present in 26 countries and with 100 offices worldwide, the Group prioritises a close relationship with its customers thanks to the expertise of its 10,000 employees. As a leading engineering specialist placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, SEGULA Technologies undertakes large-scale projects, ranging from studies to industrialisation and production.

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10 000

Men and women

Around the world

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More than 300

Industrial clients

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Research and Innovation

SEGULA Technologies Research and Innovation (R&I) is based on in-depth cross-functional expertise and is particularly valued. With a presence on the group's various sites, the teams work closely with customers, major universities and research laboratories, in order to maintain permanent contact with the field.

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